Golden Computer Plaza / Arcade

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Once infamous for pirated software but today considered one of the cheapest places in Hong Kong (if not the world) to get (or buy parts to build) a personal computer, the Golden Shopping Centre is a prominent IT shopping center. Golden Shopping Center Shops has extensive lines computer products from components like motherboards, RAM, and CPUs, complete systems, to various peripherals. Unlike purely consumer-oriented IT shopping centers, Golden features several stores specializing in professional and esoteric network equipment. The Golden Shopping Centre is also known for the number of video game stores it contains, where people purchase gaming systems, software and accessories at either a slightly discounted price, or in special in-store packages which might include an extra game or extra accessories. Since the halls are extremely narrow, it is often very congested, especially on weekends. The mall has two floors. The upper floor, Golden Computer Centre (高登電腦中心), mainly sells games and gaming software, while the lower floor, Golden Computer Arcade (黃金電腦商場), focuses on the sales of computer-oriented hardware. They were originally fashion markets named "Golden Shopping Centre" and "Golden Shopping Arcade" respectively. It was the first computer market in Hong Kong and today "Golden" (高登/黃金) is synonymous to "computer market" in the minds of Hong Kong people even though many other similar computer arcades have been established today Address: 141A Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon Website: Nearest MTR Station: Sham Shui Po (Exit D2) Discuss more

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