BLT Burger

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BLT Burger serves up a wide variety of burgers, like the “Classic” beef burger as well as creative twists like the “Canton Road” pork and shrimp burger, turkey burger, salmon and vegetarian falafel. Toppings like cheese, bacon, grilled red pepper, mushrooms, fried egg, chili, BBQ onions and avocado allow guests to “build-your-own” burger. Traditional American starters include salad, chicken wings, fries and onion rings. The perfect accompaniment is one of their adventurous milkshakes in flavors like Rocky Road and PBJ made from vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and grape jelly. BLT Burger’s bar offers beers on tap and in bottles along with speciality cocktails and a selection of wines by the glass. Website: Signature dish: Burger Discuss more

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