Man Mo Café

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These are no ordinary dim sum, and they're not what you see! Getting more curious now? It's a big twist to the typical Hong Kong delicacy by Man Mo Café. In the cafe, you get to try extremely fusion dim sum like Burgerbun, which has an outlook of a Cha Siu Bun but with burger stuffing e.g. minced beef, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and cheese! Also the Nutella Ball, which looks like tradition Jin Dui Sesame Ball, but you'd be amazed to find Nutella paste in it and surprisingly, they're a perfect match! Its location is the best stop for a break when you're visiting Man Mo Temple, Cat Street and Hollywood Road. Address: 40 Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street), Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island Signature dish: Burgerbun, Nutella Ball, Kebabun, Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao, Kung Fu Creme Brulee, etc Discuss more

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